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Due to the massive number of ad not following the rules I have been deleting like crazy. The rules are quite simple and easy to follow, so please take the time to read them.



#1) Seller MUST provide location of the item in the OP. Location listed in avatar will not be sufficient. Be advised that avatar locations do not pick-up on a search and therefore need to be listed in OP for other potential buyers in your state.

#2) Seller MUST provide price of the item in OP. Price can be edited/ reduced by OP, but in the FOR SALE section there will be no bartering or bidding.

#3) Seller needs to be able to provide at least one picture of the item(s) for sale. Please take the time and effort to learn if you don't know how to post pics. Additional pics in an email or link are fine, but at least one needs to be included in the OP.

#4) Any thread started in the FOR SALE section that reads anything similar to "What would you give me for...?" WILL BE CLOSED! "PM me for offers" will not be permitted in the FOR SALE section. You can do this in CHAT or in a REGIONAL section, but not in the FOR SALE section.

#5) No "FEELER" threads permitted. You either want to sell it or you don't. As soon as you post in the FOR SALE section, there is no backing out or changing your mind.

#6) No links to ebay ads... yours or otherwise. You may provide a link to your own craigslist ad, HOWEVER... you must also provide the LOCATION, PRICE, & SHIPPING INFO in the OP.

#7) Do not post ads for friends that are not members here on JKO. If they want to sell something than they need to sign-up on here. You may post for a friend in REGIONAL or CHAT, but not in the FOR SALE section.

#8) No commercial ads. Listing of bulk items, or any items that you have purchased in order to profit/ re-sell will NOT be permitted. If this is your intent, then you will need to become a yellow-star vendor. You can PM a moderator or administrator for details on becoming a vendor.

#9) No GROUP BUYS. This applies to everyone... no exceptions.

#10) No links to other forums.

#11) Seller must be willing and able to ship item(s) at the time they are listed as "For Sale". It will not be permitted to post up before the item is actually available. This will be permitted in the REGIONAL section only ( as a means to give a heads-up to perspective buyers in your area, but NOT in the FOR SALE section).

#12) No cross-posting. The only exception to this is that you MAY post in the REGIONAL SECTION if you like, in order to draw interest from others in your area. But you may NOT cross post anywhere else on the board.

#13) Do NOT delete your thread once the item(s) has been sold. You may edit the OP to reflect that an item is sold, but again... do NOT delete the thread. This is to cover EVERYONE'S ASS... buyer & seller alike.

#14) Seller reserves the right to refuse shipping item for any reason. This should not be debated back and forth in the FOR SALE thread.


#1) Serious inquires ONLY. You may get a warning... you may not.

#2) See RULE #1. No flaming, trolling, suggestions in regards to value, your opinion, etc. Again... INTERESTED BUYERS ONLY! All other irrelevant comments or suggestions will take place in PM's only. The exception to this is if you are offering a genuinely respectful bump.

#3) If the price is too high or unrealistic to a perspective buyer, than any low-ball offers are to be sent to the OP in PM's only. Do not post up in the FOR SALE thread: "I would be willing to give you $0.00 rather than the price you are asking". This simply creates friction and will not be allowed.

***It is EVERYONE'S responsibility to abide by forum rules and not engage in a discussion or argument that isn't productive to the sale.

***ADMIN reserves the right to close, delete, or move any FOR SALE thread that violates ANY of the criteria outlined above. You may agree or you may not, but these rules apply to everyone... no exceptions.
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