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Jake posted this on our forum (www.jacked-up-jeepclub.com). Although I do not know Frank personally, he has clearly done a LOT in help florida jeepers organize and helped in the development of trails. His website is the type of site that KEEPS TRAILS OPEN in Florida. Like Jake says, if nothing else, send him some words of encouragement....Anyways:

I know times are tough for alot of us right now but sometimes when you think you are having a bad time someone else is having it worse. I don't knowhowmany of you belong to the Florida Jeepers Offroad Assosciation but Frank the guy that owns it and started the site is having some pretty significant troubles right now. I will post the story he posted and if and evenif you cannot afford to help right now you can at least afford to offer some words of encouragement and your prayers. Here is the link to the post as well. http://www.floridajeepers.net/viewtopic.php?t=52437&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0

Posted by Frank from FJOA:

My discretion and pride...have kept me from publicly discussing what has been going on in my life...but now I desperately need the help of my FJOA friends...

My queen...is going through something...mid-life crisis, emotional or possibly mental issues. (this according to the phd counselor we went to 3 times...but when he tried to help her understand that she had some issues that she needed help with...she quit going)..but the end result is that after months of trying to help her get the help she needs...that WE needed...she packed a few things and left on Wednesday...without saying a word.

She didn't leave a note...didn't tell her best friend...her sister is worried because she can't find anything out from the rest of the family....just *poof* and she's gone. There's more...but I just can't really go into it right now...

She left me and our youngest son (the one still at home) with her 6 dogs, 3 horses, 14 cats, 5 rats, 1 bearded dragon, 1 ball python and a Tarantula to feed (about $350+ per month)...she took our purebred Chihuahua and the 2 day old puppies that we bred her for...and little else from the house.

But...she also took 70% of our monthly income and left all of the months bills now due...or past due. She left no groceries, we are out of cooking propane and we now have a half days feed for the horses...

She left us with no Christmas. We have no tree...and no money that can be spared for such things...let alone presents or a Christmas dinner...

To add insult to injury...she took my humidor 3/4 of cigars I bought back in better financial times...some pretty good ones too...took it humidor and all...

This is difficult for me...I have always been so proud to be able to stand on my own 2 feet...I have spent my life until these last few months (long story....but I quit my good paying job to be closer to home because of this all starting) being financially independent and stable...

So...that said...I am not asking anyone for charity...but a favor.

I am not going to make any bones about this...I make a small amount of money each year off of this site through advertising and premium memberships. I don't push either...so long as I make enough to pay the sites bills and pay for the swag...I have been happy. In fact...there are many folks on the premium member list that haven't paid in some time...I just only occasionally prune them out...it's not a "business" for me...so I am not adamant about it. If it was a business...I would seriously need to pay jason and the guys something...and I would be glad to...but it was never meant to be like that. I really appreciate all that they do.

My sons...deserve to have a Christmas...so what I am asking you guys to do...is consider buying an annual Premium Membership with FJOA...I have lowered the price (I was lowering it for a Christmas special anyway) to $20 for a basic annual membership without t/shirt.

If you can spare $20 (I know, times are tight all over and it's Christmas)...please consider getting a membership...maybe we can still have a small Christmas and hopefully make it through the next couple months and start to see a light....

Thank you very much for considering this...

I pray all of you have a very Merry Christmas and...well...hug your families...you just never know when life will take one of them away for whatever reason.

May God Bless all of you in this season...and always.


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Thank you for posting this. Jeepers Den is my shop for the Jeep... I paypal paid the membership. At least for his pets and child. He didn't mention the age, but anybody who writes to 106.7 FM will be granted Christmas presents for the child. Just check the website and write the "baby dj" program.

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Im confused now. What does Jeepers Den have to do with this? Is the girl that works the counter/coowner (name withheld) the girl in the story? Im thinking not but that J/D reference confused the heck out of me.
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