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First run shake down cruise

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Hey folks! Its been a while (tooo long a while) since I've been able to post up pics of a run, but the time is right and the time is now! :laughing:
My JK is clean, pristine, and virginal no longer! ;)

A friend of mine and I ran a medium difficulty trail out in western MA. It was a lot more chewed up than I remember it so the tougher sections were actually much tougher! All in all a really fun day.

Friend took the bypass ;)

More pics to come!
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Don't think too harsh of him for bypassing. When I had my H3 I did that same rock, just took an easier line. He's not too experienced, and like you said, he's off road and thats the key thing. :)

I didn't notice any issues at all having the window open. I never heard it clank about or anything like that, but if I were in tighter, more wooded trails I think I'd keep it closed, just to be safe.
Great pics Rob! Don't post those "over there". The abuse you would take for wheeling with (god forbid) a Hummer, would be unmerciful. Wish we could have made the trip. Maybe next time. :)

Holy crap...........500 posts! I gotta get a life.
I wouldn't post "over there" anyway. Eddie would get too butt-hurt that I had unapproved products on my JK. :shaking:

As for wheeling with Hummers... Well, at least for me its never been about what you wheel, its that you wheel. I like wheeling in mixed company, it adds to the variety and fun. Jeeps, 'Yotas, Land Rovers, Unimogs... it don't matter. Its all gewd! :grinpimp:
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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