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First post and hello

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Greetings Guys and girls,

My name is Kat from Everett, WA. and love my JK Jeep RubyDoo. Found this site with the help of Dave @ Northridge4x4.
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Thanks All.
I do not know Aaron.

Actually saw this site on Dave's computer while there one day.
I wondering if they will be trolling over here and ban Dave at northridge off the other website? Now, that would be funny!!!!!!

(shameless plug) By the way - I would recommend northridge4x4. Great guy to do business with. I had a little mishaps with my body lift i ordered from him and they got it fixed for me in a hearbeat

JKKAT, Welcome to the site. We are always looking for fresh meat!!! You just need to work on that avatar and you will be all set!
Whats wrong with it? RubyDoo is a girl and so am I.

Dave explained it to me last week when i was there.
Will fix it now.
Now fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now thats more like it!!!! Now, if we can only check out that girl that drives that jk, we will be all set... LOL!!!!
giggles, i'm NOT what you think.

This pic i'm the one on the left and the right one is my GF Rhonda and she drives her 2008 flame red Rubicon named RubyJeep

You will usually catch me behind the camera taking pictures.
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1 - 5 of 25 Posts
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