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First oil change @ 2500 miles?

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So this am, when I started up I get the chime and "Change Oil" message. It is conveniently at 2500 miles on the odo. Is this early? Seems early, and the book recommends 6000. Is the diagnostic system seeing something?

Note: I have not checked the oil level yet, as I was all suited up and runnning late for work, I will check when I get home.
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Yeah mine came on a 2500 too. All depends on your driving style. Just change every 3000 and your fine.
I think the manual says to not wait any longer than 6000miles to change it. It could happen anytime between then and the time you changed it. I just changed my oil with only 500miles on it, just to get all the crap out of the engine from break in. I'm sure I'm being overly paranoid, but the oil did look like it was starting to darken up a little.
P.S., stay away from the Purolator Pure One filters. While they are a good filter, I picked up one today and now that they switched to that gold colored grippy stuff covering the whole filter, you can see some of it came off and was laying on top of the seal and the top, threaded part of the filter. Couldn't tell if there was any down inside the filter, but I wasn't risking it. Returned it and got something different.
Mine wanted an oil chg after only 2400 miles, but I believe there is a TSB or some such write up- regarding premature oil chg indicator...A senior member would know more about this...
This may help:


But I see nothing wrong with doing the first oil change at 2500 miles.
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