It’s no great secret among stick-shift Jeep owners that the six-speed NSG370 manual fitted to the JK Wrangler and later TJ models is prone to some sloppiness. Sourced from Mercedes-Benz, the NSG370 transmission was the first six-speed stick ever offered in a Jeep, and while it’s a good, durable transmission that should last many years in normal conditions, it has a known Achilles heel: the shift tower. Sooner or later, the factory shift tower on your six-speed Wrangler is going to wear to the point that shifting becomes vague and imprecise, perhaps even to the extent that you’re constantly slipping it into the wrong gear. Let it go on long enough and the shifter might even start popping out of gear every once in a while when driven, especially as your Jeep is getting tossed around by uneven terrain.

You could correct the issue the old-fashioned way, by buying a brand new factory shift tower for your Wrangler’s six-speed, but of course, that unit will inevitably end up failing in the same way. Thankfully, there’s a better, more long-term solution out there: the Dorman OE FIX Manual Transmission Shift Tower for six-speed Jeep Wrangler TJ and JK models.

Also sold under the NAPA Solutions brand, Dorman’s Manual Transmission Shift Tower for 2005-2018 six-speed Jeep Wrangler models with the NSG370 transmission is a better-than-stock upgrade kit that does more than just take the slop out of your tired old factory shift tower. It’s a complete head-to-toe reworking of the assembly, replacing the stamped low-carbon steel used in the factory shift tower with high-carbon bearing steel. Stamped low-carbon steel is popular in countless automotive applications due to its low cost and ease of manufacture, but it doesn’t suit every application evenly, and bearing steel is a much more desirable material here because of its excellent wear resistance and high fatigue strength – qualities that ensure that Dorman’s Manual Transmission Shift Tower will go the distance.

The shift tower’s detents, which are responsible for providing a crisp “click” into gear and for holding the shifter in its selected gear position after a shift, are fashioned from hardened and coated tool steel. Extraordinarily hard and abrasion-resistance, these tool steel detents can stand up to heavy use, making sure your six-speed Jeep Wrangler can get knocked about every which way without slipping out of gear, for years to come.

The net effect of all of this is a high-quality, precise-feeling shift tower that’s liable to outlast the rest of the vehicle, and one that features a 10% shorter shift throw between gears. Sure, we tend to think of short shift throws as being more within the purview of high-performance sports cars, but a shorter throw also helps deliver a firm, less sloppy shift action.

Dorman’s Manual Transmission Shift Tower for six-speed Jeep TJ and JK Wranglers comes with all the critical components for installation: the shift tower itself, a cabin gasket to reject driveline noise and insulate the cabin, and a tower-to-case gasket for interfacing the shift tower with the NSG370 manual transmission. But maybe the best news of all is that this effective upgrade, which outperforms the original factory NSG370 shift tower in terms of both materials and overall feel, is priced at around the same level as the original Mopar part. If your stock six-speed shift tower is feeling tired and vague, or it’s occasionally popping out of gear, this Dorman Manual Transmission Shift Tower is a true win-win.

Ready to take one for a test drive? Head on over to to learn more about the upgrade, and look for it in-store or online from your favorite auto parts retailer.