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Finally Got One, Greetings from SoCal, Soon To Be Reno, NV

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Got my JK in August, discovered this forum a couple of weeks ago, and now I'm in here posting

Not much to say about mine, its as base as you can get, but I'm stoked I've only wanted a Jeep for the last 21 years, and now I have one, and not only do I have one, I have the best story to go with it.

So, back in the middle of August my wife says to me, "I need to go somewhere, but I can't tell you where, I just need you to trust me."

So I just kind of said, "Whatever." Needless to say at this point I'm about as mad as a person can get, but she's never given me any cause not to trust her. So mad or not, "Whatever" Now mind you this is about 7pm, so off she goes.

10pm rolls around, she's not back yet, I'm livid so I just went to bed thinking I'll deal with it the next day, after I get home from work.

Next thing I know, she comes home, wakes me up and says, "I need you to come outside, I need to show you something." Its about 11:30pm now, and not only am I mad about the whole thing, now I'm mad because she woke me up and I have to go to work the next day. I'm thinking she wrecked the Excursion, so I stumble out of bed and out the door.

I get outside, she points to the curb and says, "Look what I got you."

Sitting there at the curb is a brand new 2007 Wrangler JK X.

I was completely floored, my first words were, "No Way!", but it was true.

She'd resisted me getting one in the past, but promised I could have one before I was 40, so there it was, just over a month until my 38th BD and I have a brand spanking new JK. Do I have the greatest wife in the world or what?
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my wife isnt allowed to drive mine...she has sent all but 1 vehicle to the scrapyard over the last 10yrs driving...heck...I do rockcrawling and NEVER rolled one...her..yup...:shaking:
WELCOME! and Howdy! from Golden, Colorado :)
Great story!

Welcome to Jeeping! Don't forget to wave to other Jeepers.. :D
Welcome, & Yep! you got your JK,,,,great wife you have.:beer:
Nice story! So did she at least get lucky after buying you a JK? :devil:

So what's up with coming to Reno? I know one or two people around here maybe we can get it dirty.
Its really a combination of things that are bringing us up there, not the least of which that we really love it up there, been vacationing up there for the last 10 years. Plus the wife used to live in Minden, right off the 395 next to where the RV park is on the east side of the highway.

I'd love to get together with some people and get it dirty. We'll have to get together sometime after the first of the year.
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