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Fender mod.

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Hi all.

I just did my first-ever fender mod. Trimmed down some factory fenders somebody gave me because I butted heads with a couple of trees and my last fenders lost. LOL. I put in some pics, one before cutting.

Anyway, I have a question about attaching my now-trimmed front fender to the support brace. Any youtube I’ve watched about trimming talks about everything but. I did see one thread where when mudding one guy's trimmed fender ‘easily’ flops out when hit by mud.

I’m thinking about taking a couple of button-head Allen bolts, drilling through the fender and attach it. Of course, that’s going to impair the clean look. As you can see by one of the pics, I cut the support away from the edge of the fender. Any ideas-1?

My 2nd question is about the front of the fender. My wife likes how the fenders look in front untrimmed. (happy wife happy life)
Question-2 is with I’m running 37s and rocking on full articulation will there be a problem with not having the front of the fender trimmed up?

Thank you..
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Looks very nice

First 1 and it could not work as well as in my head but maybe run a strip of velcro on top of the support/bottom of the fender. They make some pretty strong crap these days.

You should be fine with the flare not trimmed in the front/if the tire is hitting there you will most likely have other things to be concerned with-lol

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I didn’t bother attaching the fender flare to the flare support after the trim

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Your trim looks great!
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Thanks for the replies, answers, and suggestions. I appreciate it.
I didn’t bother attaching the fender flare to the flare support after the trim

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Your trim looks great!
Hi GP NOIR, It's hard to see In the pic but it looks like you didn't install the inner liner either. . Any issues with leaving out? I live in the northeast so mud and muck is part of our game here. I have a heat gun and am taking a lot of time trimming, heating, fitting, heating, trimming, fitting; oops, should have left more there. lol
I left the splash guards off the Jeep. No issues so far. I live in Utah and probably don’t see as much mud as you do.
Yea, probably no mud there unless you travel in and down a river. lol.
I opted to not attach my support, It seems fine; nice and tight.
Looking at 4 different youtube vids on fender mods everybody has a gap. Even one Irish guy who said he didn't want to, has a gap.

I cut my liner wider. Then sliced it to accommodate a rebend with a heat gun. I bent it around the fender body. I screwed in a large stir stick just to flatten the plastic better while I work on the driver's side. The next day I removed it and used a plastic Jeep Rivits rather than zip ties like every youtube person I watched does. I could have done a better job closing the gap at the top, but.. hindsight and all. I did have to use one bolt and fender washer to hold things tight enough for me to like. And of course, with the liner in place I can't get to the backside to remove it so... it's a permanent fixture. lol
Not perfect; but not bad for this first-time non-handy guy. I'm surprised that the "experienced" youtube people don't do it this way. The drivers' side is being more of a bitch. It's like two separate custom jobs, exactly like. :ROFLMAO:

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Yea, probably no mud there unless you travel in and down a river. lol…
Yeah, practically no mud at all

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I sit corrected. lol :censored: 🤣
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Yikes! My mud wasn't nearly that deep!

While we do have mud out in Utah, it ain't a patch on what you guys have.
Well, it was a pond, muddy at the bottom. but a pond. So, I cheated. hehe
When my wife and I lived in CO we made a trip to OR and dove through UT. Beautiful there. Went skiing at powder mountain, snow cat. GREAT powder.
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