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Ok so I have been looking at some front bumpers and think i have decided on the Shrockworks mid-width or the LOD signature series stubby. But one thing I dont care for on either of them is the skid plate to protect the sway bar disconnect.

One way that I see around this is to use the Expedition One Rubi Skid that rotates the disconnect up and I believe requires that you cut the crossmember. Has anyone gone this route? And with which bumpers did it work? I dont really care for the looks of the basic bumper from Expedition One but like the idea their skid.

I really like the idea of having everything tucked up and out of the way, and ever since crawing under the jeep for the first time I wondered why the electronic sway bar disconnect was not rotated up from the factory. from my understanding on how it works, the disconnect should work in any orientation, or am I missing something?

Im just trying to find a way to protect everything without having a bumper that looks 12 inches tall, but am a bit worried about mixing companies.
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