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I have the "second version" of the 1st generation air-actuated ORO SwayLOC dual rate anti-sway bar system in my 2000 TJ that was installed back in October of 2005 (which still has the older splined torsion bar shaft ends).

I have had an aggravating problem associated with the large drivers-side & passenger-side frame bushings that the SwayLOC torsion bar shafts rotate within. Once I am off-road and activate the SwayLOC unit, the constant squeaking sounds that come out of those frame bushings is really incredibly noisy and I can be heard coming a mile away. A number of people have commented on just how loud and obnoxious the squeaking sounds are. Since there is no way I am aware of to grease the bushings in place, I have tried periodically spraying aerosol lubricants (silicone spray, etc.) into the outer side of the frame bushings when off-road, but this has had little positive or long-lasting effect in terms of reducing the squeaking sounds.

Does anyone who runs the 1st generation SwayLOC in their Jeep have any recommendations as to what I can do to lessen or eliminate the squeaking sounds coming from the frame bushings? Short of taking the SwayLOC apart and directly greasing the bushings (like I did with Viper Lube in 2010), is there some better way to tackle this without going to that kind of trouble (which only lasts for a brief period anyway)? For example, has anyone ever successfully put Zerk fittings in to grease the frame bushings & shafts in place? If not, is there a more effective lubricant that I can apply from the outside that would work better & last longer?

If anyone has any ideas for something that might work here (short of ear plugs), I would really appreciate hearing about it.
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