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I just love how poorly they considered the edges cases on the EVIC warning displays (you know, the door open text, etc.) -- I've found two poorly-handled ones thus far, one of which cost me about 5 minutes of thinking I was insane:

1) If the rear gate is not fully engaged, and you open a door to go check on it, the 'gate open' message will not disappear until you close the door. I think I shut the gate fifteen times until I just gave up on it, got in, and closed my door. BAM 'gate open' message goes off. *grr*

2) If you have the 'change oil' message displayed, it will override the 'door open' display. Meaning, you get the flashing 'change oil' message, and then after about 30 seconds of driving the 'door open' message lights up. I think that's a far more important message than 'change oil'.

In both cases the vehicle was started with the door/gate ajar - I haven't checked to see if it's reproducible if you start it and then open the door/gate.

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