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I have seen this done a few times now on various forums. I have done mine a little bit different. I wanted something clean and hidden. I did try to search for esp stuff before typing this up and did not find anything so here goes JKmike07's way of getting rid of ESP.

Disclaimer: I am not to be held responsible for anything that happens to you or your JK due to using or installing this mod.

Things you will need: Torx 20 driver, Torx 30 driver, a few feet of 18ish gauge wire, 1 STSP switch, and a few crimp type connectors for the wire connections.

Step 1: Set the drivers and passenger seats to there full forward and full forward tilt positions.

Step 2: There are 12 screws we will need to remove. 4 Torx 20 screws, and 1 Torx 30 screw on each side of the armrest storage. The 4 Torx 20 screws are in a square shape around the arm rest storage box. The 1 Torx 30 screw is at the bottom in the middle in a slot.

Step 3: This is where your going to wiggle a little bit to get the armrest and storage container out. The way I did it was take the 2 side parts and kinda split them apart on each side of the storage container and then you have to lift up on the front lip to release it from the center console. Then you can pull back then up on the armrest with the rear cup holders and storage container to get it out.

Step 4: Drill a hole on the inside of your storage box and place the switch in the said hole. At this point I already had the 2 wires already hanging off the switch.

Step 5: This one is important. Look at where the armrest use to be and to the right of the e-brake cables is a little black box. There are a few wires going into this box. The one we need is purple with a light blue line. There is also a purple with a dark blue line but that one we leave alone.

Step 6: Now the part that made me nervous. CUT the purple with the light blue line wire. Test and make sure we got the right one turn your JK to ign and see if the esp/bas, abs, and squiggle tires lights stay on. If not then we got the wrong one splice that wire back together and cut the other purple wire.

Step 7: Now we are going to wire the switch in. Since its a STSP switch it really does not matter how this goes unless there are markings indicating whats open and closed or on and off.

Step 8: Lets test your work. With the switch set to on turn the key to ign and the esp/bas, abs,and squiggle tires lights should go off after a moment. Flip the switch to off and the lights for esp/bas, abs,and squiggle tires should all turn on.

Step 9: Now you just put everything back together in reverse order. Getting the storage compartment into its little hole and getting the center console to line up with it again can be a real pain in the ass but with a little wiggle it should not be to big of a problem. The only tip I have for this part is put the 2 Torx 30 screws in first to get the storage compartment anchored down then you can get the sides and front lip situated with out moving the whole thing around.

Use: All you have to do is flip the switch to off its really that simple. Turning it back on all you have too do is turn the JK off flip the switch to the on position and then turn the JK back on and presto ESP is back on.


Sorry for no pictures my girlfriend is on spring vacation without me and took the camera. If I get a lot of requests ill take it apart this weekend take pictures of everything and update the write up.
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