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Engine harness troubles

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Since February my 2008 jkux manual has melted 5 coil packs and thrown a multitude of codes, first time I assumed the system was old and just replaced the whole set up plugs wires coil pack, note coil pack was Mopar and I used ngk plugs and wires.... Pack 2 I installed improperly and broke it before it ran once then when I did run it it grounded through the crack I made and melted it.... Pack 3 lasted about a month then melted so I went through all the grounds and what not, pack 4 and 5 melted the same day over a 15 mile distance..... At this point the ground is good the only issue I've seen so far is the harness has some weird stuff going on. If you track the br/wt wire back to the PCM it goes to both circuit 1 and 2 so I decided to test for ohms resistance from the coil pack connector to the PCM side and noticed 4 of the wires on the orange PCM connector are reading at 12ohms compared to the black one at .8 ohms.....

I guess my question is what are those wires supposed to be and if they are not supposed to have resistance can I splice them together somewhere other then on the firewall behind the intake..... Any help is appreciated the circuit I'm specifically dealing with is based around splice s121
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Update I found better diagrams and sorted out the 12 ohm issue that was my injectors, I’ve narrowed it down to coil 2 failure so I’m thinking possibly a pcm, not sure where to go from here… maybe throw In an inline fuse and see if that saves the pack for further testing…..


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