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I've been having what seems to be electrical issues.
I will list the problems in the order they occurred.

1) Stereo started skipping/something else. It plays CD's and skips every 5 seconds where you can audibly hear the speakers trying to function (sound like "blip") The radio produces no noise but makes that blip noise every 5 seconds or so.
2) Vehicle stalled while driving. Mechanics told me it was the alternator. I replaced the alternator and battery but every so often my it still stalls. It fires back up after a minute or you can "hard start" it directly after stalling. This could be more than a small electrical issue but the mechanics said there was nothing wrong with my engine or transmission. All the fluids and major maintenance has been done. It seems to stall more often while driving up hills. And my headlights dim down like 10 seconds before stalling. It happens about 1 time every 2 hours of driving and clearly after the vehicle has been running for some time.
3) Lights have gone out on the power window rockers and the gear shift lights.

My next steps are to:
1) Check the fuses
2) Clean any electrical connections between the alternator and battery.
3) Take out the stereo and clean the back connections.
4) If those don't solve the issue I'm replacing the stereo but I'm sure I'll still have the stalling issue.

Additionally I know that the camshaft needs to be replaced or fixed but I don't think that would be the issue.

Any advice or ideas would be seriously appreciated.
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