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Hey all,

Need some advice from some seasoned folks before I start tearing through my Jeep looking for the issue/causing more.
My Jeep is my second vehicle and sat for two weeks while I was on a trip. Came home today fired it up to go for a cruise and I noticed that none of the gauges or digital read outs (Odometer, compass, temp) were on. I took it to the farm to try and do some trouble shooting.

Here is the info I have so far.
-Everything else on the Jeep runs fine. Even though the cruise control light wont show, cruise control still works.
- Did a hard reset by disconnecting battery
- Tried doing the reset with holding down the trip reset while turning the Jeep to the on position.
- We hooked up a diagnostics tool to the OBD2 port, got nothing in return. Had trouble connecting and eventually said no codes being sent.
- Tried to look up fuses but got a little con"fused" in what I was looking for. The fuses and relays I did check were fine.
- Battery has sufficient power to not be the issue. (based on other JKowners opinions)

any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated.
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