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"Easter Jeep Safari 2014: Porcupine Trail/Fins and Things" by Rebel Off Road - YouTube

Our last wheeling day before the vendor show of Easter Jeep Safari is traditionally a "play day". We focus on enjoying the peace of "unorganized" runs where we can just point our Jeeps somewhere and just drive.

The Trail Guide calls Porcupine Trail a moderate trail, but in reality, it's a 2 wheel drive scenic cruise through some gorgeous country.

That's a more poetic way of saying we were bored to death and jammed right back out of the trail! We about-faced and made our way back down the hill towards Fins and Things, a tougher trail but not AreaBFE tough. We found a loop and probably spent an hour just circling and seeing how slow we could crawl up and down the slopes.
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