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2012 Jeep JKU Sahara Auto Daily Driver
3.5 inch Rubicon Express Sport Suspension
Rubicon Express Swaybar Links
Nitto Ridge Grappler 295-70R18
Front Mopar steel Bumper
Rear Havoc Gen 2 steel bumper
Ace Engineering Rock Sliders
Smittybilt Gen 2 X20 Winch
EBC Drilled & Slotted Rotors

I’m looking to upgrade my gears to 4:56 and differential. I’ve been set on Eaton E-Lockers but after hours, days and weeks of reading I’m now considering Eaton Trutrac LSD. Last weekend I was able to finally get my build out on the trails here in Ohio. My setup had no problem doing the trails with the exception of the damn near vertical hill that I knew it wouldn’t do. Im not going to lie I was surprised with its performance. Now I’m not sure I need E-Lockers. I don’t plan to be crawling boulders but I would like to make it out west to Moab or The Rubicon at some point. I keep reading but it’s back and forth about what you actually need to do these trails. I don’t want to have to open the differentials for a second time if the Trutrac don’t perform well enough but I also don’t know how often I will engage the E-Lockers here on the east coast. Long story short I don’t want to be disappointed in the Trutrac but I don’t want to be disappointed that I paid for E-Lockers and rarely use them. I know the pros and cons of both. I just would like to hear from riders who have actual experience with both on trails. Any input would be appreciated.

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Proper gearing is more important the lockers and Moab is pretty easy with ta stock modern jeep. Traction is pretty insane there, lots of steep climbs. The Rubicon is a bit different with some rock crawling in sections and more loose material. Sometimes you need to put a tire on a big rock and a selectable locker is best for this.

I would do a selectable locker all day long and everyone that tells you a true track is just as good would go selectable if money was not an option.

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You'll definitely want to go selectable - The reason I say that is that it is simply worth it given your current plans. You will have the MOST control, and crawl capability. If you plan to hit Moab...odds are you'll love it, and it wont stop at Moab. You'll probably use it more than you'd think given you plan to keep your Jeep for a long time to come. It is a great investment, and the thing about offroading like that...you want to build it to be just a tad "more" than you deem necessary. We all can get stuck, but lockers will help you by being stuck significantly less...while also the huge benefit of the max control is honestly what I love the most. It feels less like a gamble when you're doing anything advanced. Let us know if you need some estimates, we would be glad to help.

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I agree with Dirtman 99% of the time but in this case, Eaton Trutrac versus E-Locker, I don't......and we can definitely afford it.

The way I see it, it all boils down to if your Wrangler is a dedicated offroad rig only or not. Only you can make that decision. Ours isn't but it is very capable offroad and has been a great daily driver as well.

I used to live in the Midwest. I would take a TT any day of the week over a rear selectable since I am betting your Wrangler is most likely a daily driver versus a dedicated trail rig.

I've done the Rubicon in a stock Sahara sitting on 35's, 2.5" lift, and skids. Quite a bit of rock piling needed but doable. You really have to pick your lines wisely.

I've also done the Rubicon in decently built form which is where it sits now (I'd say a high mid-level or entry high-level build if you use Genright's build scale) with 37's, 3.25" lift, front locker, and rear TT. I only used the front locker once on our last 24 hour day run at the Rubicon.

Genright scale --> https://genright.com/build-levels/

Unless you're planning to run a shit-load of massive rock gardens often most of which is in Northern California where I'm at, I would stick with the TT for the rear and a front selectable. You will get more bang for your buck since the TT is always "on" compared to a rear locker you may use a handful of times.

Nowhere near the build of Dirtman's infamous rig, but she gets the job done.......and I can afford a rear locker. :grin2:

2012 Sahara
King Coilovers front w/ King Bumpstops
King adjustables rear w/ AEV coils
~3.25" lift
Front Dynatrac PR44u w/ ARB Locker
Rear Dynatrac XD60 w/ Eaton TT
4.88 gears
Stock Sahara Transfer Case
1310 Adams front DS
1350 Adams rear DS
Synergy Tie Rod
Synergy front trackbar
AEV rear trackbar
Yeti Drag Link flipped
Reid Racing Knuckles
RCV 35 spline front shafts
Clayton CM with Evo skids
Evo skins
Poison Spyder sliders
Poison Spyder steel front bumper
Genright rear AL bumper
Genright rear AL tire carrier
Stock cut fenders
TrailReady Beadlocks
37 KO2's
Dynatrac ProGrip Brake Kit
SS brake lines
Warn 9.5 cti-s winch
Rockhard Cage (still sitting in garage)
Evo Hood Breach (still sitting in garage)
Will get supercharged if I don't get the Vette...


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Trutrac in the rear, Detroit up front, bullet proof. Broken non functioning selectables won't get you over anything unless of course they are stuck in the locked position. Good luck driving down the road like that.
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