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Dynatrac ProRock Unlimited Dana 44 front axle housing W/ G2 Placer Gold 35 spline axle shafts (note: there is no locker or gear set in the housing; it is empty)

$3150 shipped (housing and shafts) to a commercial address with loading dock or fork lift (in the lower 48).

- Dynatrac ProRock Unlimited Dana 44 front axle housing (caster setup for 3"+ lift)

- Conventional locker center section (metric OEM Rubicon locker WILL NOT WORK)

- Dynatrac ProSteer Balljoints

- 1/2" thick axle tube thickness (0.50")

- Dynatrac Hi Steer Raised Track Bar Bracket with Integrated Hydraulic Ram Bracket

- G2 Axle and Gear Placer GOLD 4340 Chromoly 35 spline axle shafts w/ 1350 Dana Spicer U-joints (lightly used for mock up)

The housing and shafts have very low miles (under 2k). The axle shafts are lightly used and have some surface marks from mocking up another project. The housing was removed for a full width replacement.

Call or text me at 720-439-5980 Josh; located in Denver, CO.

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