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I'm looking to step up to Dana Spicer Ultimate 60 axles and 40s in the very near future. I will be selling my current axles setup along with wheels and tires from my 2013 Jeep JK Wrangler Unlimited. Below is a part list of what will be removed. Located in Houston, Texas

Front Axle:

(+/- 10k Miles an a Rubicon Trail run)
- Dynatrac ProRock 44 Unlimited (.5" Wall tubes) w/ welded synergy trackbar bracket
- 35 Spline RCV axle shafts
- ARB Air Locker
- 4.88 Yukon Gears
- Integrated Synergy Drag Link Flip Kit
- Synergy Ball Joints
- Stock JK wheel ends/bearings
- Stock JK brakes
- Spidertrax Spacers
- 1310 yoke
- Sun Coast Drive Shaft

Rear Axle:

- Stock Dana 44 housing
- Nitro Upgraded axles shafts and bearings (10k Miles)
- Dynatrac Dif cover
- 4.88 Yukon gears
- Teraflex Big brake upgrade w/green stuff pads (10k Miles)
- Spidertrax Spacers
- Stock Drive Shaft
- EVO MFG lower shock brackets
- Rock Krawler Track Bar Bracket

Wheels/Tires (25k Miles + 3-4 trail runs):

- 17" ATX Chamber Pro II Beadlocks
- 37x13.5x17 Cooper STT Pros

I am sure that I may have missed something but if there are questions, please let me know. This setup is over 12k to replicate in just parts. The PR44u and the supporting modifications are an amazing setup for someone to run 37s confidently. This setup will concour the Rubicon and give you the confidence to take on any trail. I built it for reliability and to take a beating. $9500
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