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Hey guys, I use the same name over on JK-F so if you've seen my stuff there this won't be new ;) I haven't had any problems on the other site, but having to think about whether or not to put a link in a post is kind of annoying - and a quick dip in to a couple of the boards here show a number of products/vendors that I hadn't even heard of before!

Being active on two forums at the same time may be a little tough, so I might not post that often. I'll at least dupe my build thread & write-ups between the two for everyone's benefit!

So here's my build thread... Zombie Killer the `10 Unlimited.

I've decided to name my '10 JK Unlimited 'Zombie Killer' :yup:
In this thread I'll keep a record of all the things that take it from 'showroom' to 'mine'.

It started life as a Charcoal Grey Pearl 'sport' with the hard top, auto tranny, tow package, and satellite radio.

In order the mods I've completed are:
  1. Added factory side steps {Body}
  2. Removed stickers {Body}
  3. Installed factory soft top {Body}
  4. Replaced floor mats and cargo mat {Random}
  5. Blacked out the antenna {BODY}
  6. Installed white fog/parking light lenses {Lighting and Electrical}
  7. Installed white side marker lenses {Lighting and Electrical}
  8. Added Kilby cargo panel walls {Body}
  9. Installed front & rear door grab handles {Random}
  10. Replaced headlights {Lighting and Electrical}
  11. CB Install {Lighting and Electrical}
  12. Shrockworks front bumper (received, install pending due to damage)
  13. Dual-battery tray (received, install pending after lift)
  14. Side mirror drilling
  15. Dual-blade windshield wipers
  16. Soft top rear quick releases
  17. 35" Duratracs on AEV argent Pintlers {Suspension & Wheels}
  18. Mopar door sill protectors
  19. Superchips programmer
  20. 3" Suspension Lift, driveline upgrade, 5.13 regear, Crown purple brake extensions
  21. Tuffy under-seat security box {Random}
  22. First aid kit
  23. Recovery kit {Random}
  24. Warn PowerPlant winch
  25. Switchblade rear bumper
  26. Blacked out the muffler (use high-temp BBQ grill paint)
  27. Rotopax gas and water tank carrier
No big value in listing specific "in the future" mods that haven't been ordered since plans change!

Here it is as-received:

And here it is as of today:

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Random & Minor Things
Quadratech floor mats/cargo liner 5-second install thread

MasterCraft grab handles 5-second install thread

Tuffy seat security drawer install thread
A sturdy metal locking drawer that fits underneath the driver's side seat.

Smittybilt rollbar first aid kit Jeep first aid kit on my blog)
A decent little bag that can strap to a roll bar. I described all the stuff I put in it on my blog and in one of the posts later in this thread.

Recovery kit write up
All the pieces for my recovery kit finally arrived, so I put it together and took some notes.

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Factory side steps, Removal of stickers, OEM Soft Top, Black out the antenna(no separate write-ups for these)
Factory side step install was an easy 1-man job. Even though they are long the way the clamps work you can slide it on and it will stay put without any bolts. The trick is realizing that the bolt holes in the frame are hidden underneath gummy tape stuff. If you try to line the side step up with the frame holes that are exposed you'll be confused why things are a half-inch out of alignment!
Sticker removal is done with a hair dryer gently applied to loosen the glue, then the decals peel off. Water+finger can get any remaining glue off the body. The stickers in the front non-tinted windows (theft deterrent and something else) can be done with a razor. I left the Trail Rated badge and the front grill's Jeep lettering on.
OEM Soft Top install is a big pain in the butt. Read the instructions several times, and watch the 'how to use your softtop' video on Jeep.com before attempting the install (the pictures in the instructions totally suck). Seeing a soft-top from the inside in real life would help a lot.
Blacking the antenna is done by unscrewing the antenna, taping a wire to the threads (so you have something too hang it by and so the threads don't get gunked up). I used spray Plasti-Dip, which is a black rubber available at the hardware store. Hung the antenna upside down, thin coats to prevent dripping, 20 minutes between coats, 3 or 4 coats, then left to fully dry for 6 hours before screwing back in. (spray in the spray paint aisle, can in the tool section)

Kilby cargo side panels
Metal panels that cover the cargo bay walls, giving you a nice platform for mounting other things.

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Suspension & Wheels
Wrangler Duratracs & AEV Pintlers
My AEV Pintlers, in argent, came in 2 weeks ago (next day shipping from Northridge4x4 - they're just across the lake!) but the tires took a long time to come in. I think it was just over 2 weeks to get the 5 35" Wrangler Duratracs in at my local Discount Tire. Finally arrived and got them mounted up, along with some Orange TPMS for each one. A set of silver center caps showed up after I took these two pictures - they look a lot better than the bright yellow ones that came with the wheels.
For others wondering how to get tires home that won't fit on your vehicle until you get a lift - 4 of these would fit in the back of your Unlimited with the seats folded down and the rear window removed.

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Ha, awesome Venom! Nice arsenal you've got in the back there - I'm going for a slightly more subdued build using black reflective decals instead of bright ones, I don't want to call attention to myself and end up with the entire neighborhood running to me when the SHTF!

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On Sunday I filled out a first aid kit that I'm going to leave in the Jeep using the Smittybuilt First Aid Bag (link is to Quadratech which has an accurate picture, the pic on Smittybilt's website is not right). This bag has a velcro mounting panel that straps to the roll bar, and a plastic buckle strap to help secure it. So I always know where the bag is, and if I need it I can rip it off the velcro and take it wherever.

I've stuffed it pretty close to max capacity with:
  • Adventure Medical Suture/Syringe kit (several needles, suture, syringe, not what I wanted but will do for now)
  • Various sizes of gauze, self-adhesive wraps, and tape
  • Various band-aids, and pre-cut moleskin
  • Cleaning items - irrigation syringe, q-tips, alcohol wipes, antiseptic wipes
  • Bug bite wipes (anti-itch + antiseptic)
  • Some headache, alergy, diarhea, heartburn medicines, eye drops
  • Carmex CPR shield (in the littly black pouch near the thermometer)
  • A bag of water, some M&Ms, and an energy bar
  • Instant cold & instant hot packs, not pictured, I need to rearrange how I packed the bag these didn't fit
  • Snake bite sucker - mine was cracked, need to get a new one
Note: The cat and fur mouse are not normally part of this kit!

And for camping trips / disaster mode I'm going to be piecing together a massive kit. Right now all I have is the case, I expect it will take a few months to figure out (and afford) exactly what I want in it.

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no big loss theyre pretty much useless anyway except for psychosematic use - makes the victim feel like something is being done for treatment.
Hmm really? Back in Florida a little suction cup thing was in pretty much all our first aid kits, there were all sorts of poisonous snakes in the woods and swampy areas down there. I knew that cutting the wound open and a full tourniquet between the bite & heart (instead of just a sorta-tight bandage) were both bad ideas, but hadn't heard the suction things were no use. A couple web pages agree with you!

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well venomous snakes are kinda my specialty.
I've been a herpetologist specializing in them for 20 years :D

Think of the mechanics of a snakebite, a relatively thick liquid (venom) is injected into your body.
Sort of like if I were to inject liquid anywhere from 1/8" (pigmy rattlesnake) to 1.5" (big diamondback) deep into a wet sponge (if it hits soft tissue) or into a hose with the water running through it (hits an artery) and then give you your little snake sucker to try to get it back out.

See why they don't work?

and any sort of restriction - even a semi loose ace bandage is a BAD idea for anything other than a coral snake bite in the US.
There WILL be massive swelling with any other native species, so what goes on as loose can become a tourniquet really fast, virtually guaranteeing an eventual amputation. Even if you do keep it relatively loose, you are still concentrating the tissue destroying venom into a small area, greatly increasing the probability of amputation or disfigurement.
The vast majority of complications in the US from snakebite actually arise from treatment, not the bite.

Coral snakes are our sole members of the elapid family, they pack a very different venom from all of our other venomous snakes.
Their venom is closer to cobra venom, however its injected in such minute doses (IF you mange to get bit by one) that its rarely a potential for a fatality unless its in a small child or someone with compromised health.
I still have not been able to find a verifiable record of a coral snake fatality in the USA on a healthy adult. Treatment has killed a few though.
Elapid bites are where a constricting bandage is helpful.
That venom is less tissue destructive, so slowing it down is a good thing.

Rattlesnake/copperhead/cottonmouth bite first aid = keep the victim calm - thats the only place suction devices really help, so they at least feel like something is being done, and get them to a hospital ASAP for supportive treatment, and if needed, antivenom.

Thats why whenever I teach a class on snakebite, I always say the best first aid for a snakebite is a cell phone or a set of car keys, whicehver will get them to a hospital faster!

OK I'm done boring people with snakebite crap!
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