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Another JK sitting in the driveway waiting on enough time to finish up the one ton swap. 2014 JKUR

Need to add driveshafts, hydro assist, press tone rings on the rear and make the computer happy. Hopefully sometime in the next month when the weather cools off here.
Also have to decide on a front bumper (leaning towards VKS Prerunner)

Currently on Cooper STT Pro 40x13.5x17, would like to add an off-road set of wheels/tires with Dirty Life beadlocks and MT Baja Pro XS in 43x15.5x17.

Trying to make mine unique to me, hard when there's 2.1 million JKs on the road.


In the meantime I'm driving the wife's 2018 JK that's casually for sale.
Teraflex D44/D60 axles with 4.88 and ARBs, on 3" lift and Cooper STT Pro 37x12.5x17


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I did just shave 1/2 my back, and got the stihl lawn trimmer fired up for the nether regions...
Admiral flexibility!
I wouldn't want to take that job from my wife, I think it's the highlight of her month....

snout, feel free to delete my chit-chat from your thread :)

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Just ordered a set of emergency Colby valves. Never heard of them and not sure how I missed those, but I will be glad to have them. Pretty sure putting them in my toolbox will keep me from getting a flat on the trail ever again.
We keep several and have used the emergency valves a couple of times.
The new wheels for the '14 I put on their shorty valves, I think they'll work out great.


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