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Anticipating a cold Michigan winter, having just gotten a new JK Unlimited, and having some time, I used some of the time off work between the Holidays to make roof insulation panels. There really aren’t many reasons not to just buy one of the commercially-available pre-cut kits, especially when considering the time investment. My explanations are that (1.) I like to mess around the cars, (2.) I could determine the thickness of the foam, and (3.) I had more choices of headliner colors.

I bought from a local auto upholstery business pieces of 1/16 black backer board, ¼” closed-cell foam, and ¼” headliner material. I bought 3M spray adhesive at Home Depot, planning that the panels wouldn’t be readily removable.

The grooves in the top panels are ½” deep, which helped to determine my choice of foam thickness.
I began with the removable Freedom Top panels. I measured and cut the board to rough dimensions, and I used sheets of paper to make templates of the curved areas by tracing. I did final shaping and de-burring of the backer board with a foam sanding block. If I found that I cut any part of the backer a bit too small, I just compensated when I cut the foam sheet, by making the foam larger in that area.
I cleaned the roof panel with Acetone, and applied spray adhesive to both surfaces to be joined. After allowing them to cure to tackiness, I mated the foam to the board, and then repeated the process with the headliner onto that, folding the edges of the foamed fabric under the edge of the board.
Next, I measured & cut strips to fill-in the roof panel grooves at their full depth. The adhesive was sprayed on both the roof panel and the foam strips, and after flashing-off a bit, the foam was placed into the grooves.
After the foam strips’ glue had time to cure, I then sprayed the area of the roof panel to be covered by the board, and the back side of the panel. I applied pressure to wet-out the glue and make the bond.
The removable panels were easy when compared to working on the installed top. In fact, I did the panel only the far way-back so far. When warm weather comes, I’ll raise the roof and do the middle section.

I have more pictures, but I need to resize them smaller before they can upload.


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