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We just got back from Disneyland in California. Here's some tips I wish I would have learned beforehand.

  1. If you plan on staying in a Disney hotel go ahead and verify the procedures of getting to the park. I.E. monorail, shuttles, cars, buses, legs... whatever. The last thing you want is to get there and then find out the distance/time to get to the fun is greater then you expected.
  2. Verify the average attendance for the dates you are planning on visiting through local community forums/web sites. DO NOT believe Disney employees or travel agents when they tell you that the crowds will be light. Verify their claims with locals because they'll tell you anything to book your vacation.
  3. Find out about any holidays or special events that may be simultaneously happening during your visit. Also, take any holidays seriously even if they're not a big deal where you're from. We arrived in Disneyland on President's Day and even though we expected the actual day to be fairly busy we in no way thought that the ENTIRE freaking week would be holiday sized crowds. In Colorado President's Day is not that big of a deal and most people work. However, in California we learned that President's Day is FREAKING huge, at least in terms of going to Disneyland.
  4. If you have young toddler aged kids just go ahead and rent the stroller. Don't kid yourself, no matter how good little Johnny is at the local mall, he'll benefit greatly from that stroller.
  5. Educate yourself on what FastPasses are and how to use them. We learned that the FastPass system is a game that the locals play very well. The better you are at playing the game then the better experience you'll have, especially if the crowds are larger then you expected.
  6. Be prepared to spend twice as much money as you planned. Those Churos really add up. :eek:

That's about the just of what we kicked ourselves in the ass for not knowing. Regardless, it's hard to have a bad time at Disney.

Have fun. :beer:
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