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I'm shopping for a tow rig.

I've had several of the diesel Excursions over the years. I traded the last one in on a new Yukon XL, because the wife wanted something newer/nicer than the aging Ex.

The Yukon was a nice enough truck, but at over 60k and losing value fast that we could pay the loan, I sold it since we didn't actually use it that much.

For about a year now, I've been without anything that will actually pull much. I'm tired of using the Jeep to drag stuff around, and it's limited capacity is a pain. I've been scouring the local Craigslist every day for what seems like forever, just not connecting with "the one".

I'm looking for :

1. Diesel
2. 6+ passengers
3. 4x4
4. Reasonable towing capacity
5. Great shape/low miles (for Ex's this also means either the 7.3 or a 6.0 that's had the inherent issues fixed. studded, deleted, etc.)
6. Color is not as important, but I AM pretty sick of the Eddie Bauer tan/sage/beige scheme... Black White or Red would be nice for a change.

There might be some other rigs that fit the requirements (Cummins swapped squarebody 3/4 ton Suburban or six-door conversion pickup anyone?), but in my experience the Excursions fit the bill pretty well.

I'm currently in Indiana caring for my aging parents, but I'm able and willing to travel for the right rig.
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