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Ok showing my ignorance here but...

I was just wondering if anyone has any good links to some detailed diagrams and/or pictures of the unmodified JK suspension/driveline system. Post 2007 if possible. I Googled a bunch of word search combinations but came up pretty dry actually.

I'd like to learn a little bit about how it works and what all the parts actually do and how they work together as a unit. I figure the more I know about it the less money I'll spend unnecessarily. Since I'm not mechanically inclined, I always find talking to mechanics a bit of a cat and mouse game. They seem to spot a lay person a mile away and then charge accordingly... :shaking:

I know I can't really learn about a topic by looking at pictures alone but it's a starting point and as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. As soon as I have a real space to work in (like a garage), I plan on doing some repairs and modifications myself. Can't do that now.

Anyway, just being lazy until I can get my hands on a real book... :)


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Hope this helps a little....

1 Screw, Mounting
2 Nut, Mounting
3 Isolator, Spring, Upper
4 Bumper, Jounce
5 Bar, Track
6 Spring, Rear Coil
7 Nut and Retainer
9 Bolt, Mounting, Rear Shock to Frame
10 Screw, Mounting, Rear LCA to Frame
11 Shock Absorber Kit, Suspension
14 ARM, Upper Control, Rear
15 Screw, Mounting, Rear UCA to Frame
16 Nut, Mounting, Rear Shock to Axle
19 Nut and Retainer
20 Bolt, To Axle
22 ARM, Lower Control, Rear
23 Plate, Stabilizer Bar, Mounting
24 Nut, Hex Flange Lock 2007-2010
25 Link Assembly 2007-2010 Stabilizer Bar
28 Retainer, Stabilizer Bar Bushing 2007-2010
29 Bolt, Hex Flange Head
30 Sway Bar Bushing
31 Stabilizer Bar, Front
32 Actuator, Stabilizer Bar
33 Isolator 2007-2010
34 Bar, Rear Sway
36 Retainer, Stabilizer Bar Grommet
37 Bushing, Stabilizer Bar
39 Link, Sway Eliminator
42 Nut, Hex, Mounting
43 Grommet, Shock Absorber, Upper
44 Retainer, Shock Absorber, Upper
45 Grommet, Shock Absorber
46 Isolator, Spring
47 Bumber, Jounce
48 Shock Absorber Package
49 Spring, Front Coil
52 Bar, Track
53 Screw, Mounting
54 ARM, Upper Control, Front
55 Bushing, Control Arm
57 Nut and Retainer
60 ARM, Lower Control
61 Sway Bar
62 Track Bar Brace, Rear
63 Sway Bar Disconnect
*copied from Morris 4x4 Center's website*

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I admire the fact that you're willing to ask for help. :)
Try searching the web for "4 link suspension systems", "4 link calculators", "4 link with track bar", "4 link with panhard bar"

You will probably come across some car applications and diagrams in your search, but the JK uses a simple 4-link with track bar, which is found in many applications.
The 4-link Calculator (Excel File) may be a little overwhelming at first, but it's fun to play around with it when you understand how it works. You will be able to see the effects that changing angles and arm lengths have on the overall system. :beer:
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