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SOLD - DiabloSport Unlocked PCM and Trinity

SOLD - Just finished up my LS3 swap and have no need for the previously installed DiabloSport unlocked PCM and Trinity tuner.

Details here - Modified PCM & Trinity Combo 2015 3.0/3.6L Jeep Wrangler - Products Gasoline and Diesel Tuning Systems | Diablosport

This was installed in my 2015 JKUR which requires an unlocked PCM before being able to leverage the Trinity tunes. I posted about my experience with this PCM and tune here - http://www.jkowners.com/forum/modified-jk-tech-dept/321786-diablosport-trinity-2015-jkur.html

I believe this will work on 2015+ but the PCM may need to be sent to DiabloSport to have the VIN updated for your Jeep. Before uninstalling this PCM the Trinity was unmarried and may be used on any supported vehicle.

This PCM + Trinity sells for $1k from DiabloSport. I will let it go for $500 including shipping.

Item located in Fort Worth, TX. Will post picture shortly.
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