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Got the new Diablo Intune today. Just released the tuner for the '11 and '12 Chrysler product.

plugged it in during lunch....initial impressions. throttle response is very noticeable.

1. apparently you can not turn the TPMS system down to 0psi for the light to stay off. Not running a spare and sold my sensors with the stock wheels last year. According to their tech support you can not turn it down but you have the option on the tuner to adjust the threshold. Well, if I turn it to 0 and im running 0 wouldnt that work?

2. Check engine light is on, ill see what it says after work. Might be a gremlin but I never had any light come on with the ProCal installed.

3. no option to change settings for ring and pinion. not really sure how that changes things but that is something I would like to learn bout. Whats the benefit of having to change that info anyway? Only curious because the ProCal allowed that change.

Ill post up more info later.
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