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Procedure to get 2007 Wrangler Service Manual CD to work on Win 10 Computer
(when making an entry from the below instructions where the entry item has quotation marks
before and after it disregard the quotation marks)

  • Click on the “Windows symbol
    Window Rectangle Building Tints and shades Fixture
    ” at the lower left corner of the Windows home screen and then scroll down the list to Settings and click it. Under settings click on “system”.
  • At the top left side of screen in the “Find a setting block” type a “d”, and then in the drop down window click on “Default Apps”.
  • On the expanded screen click on the item displayed below Web Browser. On updated Window 10 computers the item should be Microsoft Edge. In the pop open block click “Internet Explorer”. Now close the window by clicking the “arrow” at the top left corner of the page and then clicking it a again after that page steps back to the previous page. Then click the “X” at the top right corner of the page to exit Settings.
  • (“”IMPORTANT NOTE” After you have gone through the entirety of these procedures and were successfully at viewing your JK Service Manual CD I would recommend you go back and repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 and change your Web browser back to Microsoft Edge. Without doing this you may experience slower Web surfing!!!
  • Now insert your Mopar Tech Authority CD into your CD drive. If a message block appears on you screen asking you to “select to chose what happens with this disk” if it doesn’t disappear by itself after a few seconds then click the “X” in the block to make it disappear. Don’t click anything else.
  • Click on the “windows symbol” at the lower left corner of the windows home screen. Then find and click the
    Font Sky Electric blue Darkness Brand
    . In the opened File Explorer click “DVD RW Drive (D:) 2007 Jeep Dealer” (your cd drive letter and the CD name may be different from mine). Then when the right side of the screen has changed find and double click “
    Font Electric blue Brand Logo Graphics

  • Now the “
    Rectangle Font Brand Graphics Parallel
    ” screen appears.
  • Next press and let go the Enter Key on your computer keyboard. Then press and let go the F12 Key on your computer keyboard.
  • Now the default.htm-F12 Developer Tools screen displays. If not already selected double click the
    Font Logo Graphics Brand Darkness
    selection along the top area of the opened window and then make the settings as shown below.
  • Rectangle Font Screenshot Parallel Circle

  • Now at the upper left corner of the “default.htm-F12 Developer Tools screen” find the icon” ”(which is the “persist emulation setting” button) and click it. Then double click the “X” key at the top right corner of the “F12 Developer Tools Screen” to close the window.
  • The screen as seen in “step 6.” above will reappear. Click “English” at the top right area and after a moment this will cause the Year and Model entry blocks to appear. Click the down arrows in the year and model boxes and select your year and model info ONLY!
  • Now click the “+ PLUS key” to the left of the Engine service category.
  • Now you will see a “Web Page Error” notification appear on the screen. Click the “YES” key in the error notification.
  • The screen as seen in “step 6.” above will refresh and you will again click the down arrows in the year and model boxes and select your model year and make. You should now be able to click on the items for which you need information and they will open correctly.
  • If you shut down your computer and come back later to reference more info from the Service Manual CD you will have to go through all the steps again to get it to open correctly.

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Nice write up for your first post.
I can confirm that getting Tech Authority to run on any level of Windows running Edge vs. IE is a hassle.
Some of us have gone as far as to spin up Win 7 VMs, so this is a great writeup.

Welcome to JKO!
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