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Recap:Started run arround 10:30am and headed to Desoto Mine a real treat when its wet out Everything went pretty smoth unit we went arround the mine (mountain base). The tippy part is slimmy clay and Wade needed a winch so did Ryan. This trip was pretty rough, 2 jeeps with lockers/37's and 2 jk's with 35's and lockers (All with Km2's). After passing the mine we took a quick lunch and hit the trail and at the second hill climb that looked ok was again slimmy clay. I was leading so I need to bump it a few times to get up the typically easy hill. I made it to the top and winched up the other 3 jeeps on the second ledge. The rest of the run went without incident, very fun and WET!

Then we decided to hit CK from Senator hwy, the next adventure began! While transversing the narrow switch backs we came across some snow, then more and more snow. I have to say I was on edge a few feet seperate the jeeps from certain death and we carrfully made the trek to CK. Thnak god someone cut a path through the snow which helped a little. As the snow got deeper you could see many area in which a vehicle was stuck and made it harder for us to cut through the snow. It started getting dark and very foggy and the snow was at least 12" deep in parts which made for some interesting driving. I am just glad we all made it through, several times I started thinking of turning back but there was no way too! Anyways, enjoy the pics.


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