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I went deer hunting this weekend up at my cousin's farm in N.E. Iowa.
It had rained all Thurs. and Fri. so the fields were very greasy.
Early Sat morning it was cold enough that the ground had firmed up a bit so we made it into the woods in my uncle's standard cab F350 on Duratracs, and another guy's brand new 1500 Silverado crewcab on Dueller ATs, and my cousin's Polaris Ranger.
By afternoon only the Ford and the Polaris were able to get around.
Even the neighbor's big Chevy Duaramax (running 37" Hankooks) was buried to the frame in a pasture and had to get tractored out.
The next morning dumped 5" of heavy wet snow on us.
My other cousin and I drove up there in my Sahara JKU.
It's basically stock but I did put on a set of OEM wheels and BFG Mud terrains from a Rubicon Hard Rock edition.
The Ranger is an outstanding little UTV and was still going everywhere but only fit 3.
Everyone was wondering how we were going to get all 8 of us into the woods so I volunteered to drive my Wrangler.
It was met with a few chuckles and head shakes but since no one had a better option we loaded up and headed out.
3 in the Ranger and 5 with me.(With all our shotguns stacked in back. Try doing that with a 2-door.)
A few of them were wondering how far we would end up walking for a tow.
I drove down the unplowed gravel roads.
I drove up one farm's long, steep, switchback lane that had stopped the Silverado before all the snow!
I drove up a field lane that the F350 barely made it down the afternoon before.
Then crawled up a logging road that nearly stopped the Polaris.
I think I might have sold a couple Jeeps over the weekend.

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What's with folks that think that their 6000lb full-sized trucks are just gonna walk around in goose-shit mud and not get stuck??? Those 37" MUDINATOR tires aren't going to do shit when that saturated soil finally gives way. Man... I see buried trucks ALL the time down here and our sandy/ loamy earth isn't even a little nasty compared to what some other states have to contend with.

Pics with points would have been a better story but glad that y'all had the JK to save the party.

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The reason I posted this wasn't to brag( well, maybe a little) but because I was pretty surprised with how well my JKU got around!
It's my winter daily driver and I work 3rd shift so I've been on some pretty badly drifted
or ice covered roads but never really had it offroad or in the mud.
There are some seriously badass(but heavily modified) rigs on here, but sometimes I think we forget just how capable these things are stock.

Oh, and I shot every deer that ran in front of me------0.
The rest of the guys had 4 down on Sat. and 2 more on Sun.
I don't know how they did the rest of the week.
Kind of a piss poor year.
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