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December wheeling

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Any ideas? I wanna go wheeling at some point in December despite the fact that it's a hard month to organize anything in. Anyone wanna wheel/camp somewhere?

I had an idea about a new years eve campout and then wheel on Jan. 1. They say that whatever you do on Jan 1 you'll do all year long. Personally, I wanna go wheeling, eat a steak, drink some beer, and come home and get laid. Sounds like the makings of a good year.

Post up if you have any wheeling ideas for the next 40 or so days. Only thing I have committed to is the Winter Haven Parade the weekend of the 5th. But that's only on Friday night.
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Theres no way I can fit it in (thats what she said) in December. My on call schedule has just gone to every other week now so I'm screwed untilthey hire some rookies and promote my next partner.
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