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December wheeling

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Any ideas? I wanna go wheeling at some point in December despite the fact that it's a hard month to organize anything in. Anyone wanna wheel/camp somewhere?

I had an idea about a new years eve campout and then wheel on Jan. 1. They say that whatever you do on Jan 1 you'll do all year long. Personally, I wanna go wheeling, eat a steak, drink some beer, and come home and get laid. Sounds like the makings of a good year.

Post up if you have any wheeling ideas for the next 40 or so days. Only thing I have committed to is the Winter Haven Parade the weekend of the 5th. But that's only on Friday night.
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36 views eh? Well hell, I wanna go wheeling.
Where you thinking about camping in Ocala?
I think my Jeep club is going at some point this month somewhere. Your welcome to Join us. I'll find out when.
Lemme know.
I sort of forgot something important this weekend: My son's birthday lol.

Oh well.....now Im shooting for weekend after.
Do you Central Florida boys have any interest in coming down to West Palm Beach/Corbett for the weekend of Dec.20/21?
Ask me again when I get my snorkel. I'll go freaking scuba diving.

That's the weekend of the SanDiego @ Bucs game too. Going to that game.
Well, in all honesty, it doesn't look as bad as Ive seen Richloam get. Post up next time you go there and I'll see if it works. I dont mind trail riding that involves water crossing and mud, but it does get old when the entire trail is pretty much one long river. That happens a LOT in Richloam and I typically turn around.
I finnaly got around to editing the video I took of the Corbitt trip and will be uploading it to youtube tonight when I get home.
yeah? well...
I wanna do the 21st run but it's not in the cards for me - football takes precedence. Take pics.

Cool - saw my first florida bear in Ocala a few years ago as well. Wish I coulda gone. Had 2 parades and a 5 year old's birthday. I'm gonna try to go hiking tomorrow then sneak in a short ride in richloam afterwards - even though it's hunting season. Hope I dont come home w/ any new holes in my jeep in 12 gauge shape.
lol no..bucs game.

I did sneak off and go riding in richloam yesterday after hiking nearby. Trails were bone dry cept two mud holes that were so bottomless looking that I avoided them. Downside was not getting my Jeep all muddy. Upside was that I didnt get my Jeep all muddy.

I did toy w/ a water moccasin at one point. That was fun.
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