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December wheeling

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Any ideas? I wanna go wheeling at some point in December despite the fact that it's a hard month to organize anything in. Anyone wanna wheel/camp somewhere?

I had an idea about a new years eve campout and then wheel on Jan. 1. They say that whatever you do on Jan 1 you'll do all year long. Personally, I wanna go wheeling, eat a steak, drink some beer, and come home and get laid. Sounds like the makings of a good year.

Post up if you have any wheeling ideas for the next 40 or so days. Only thing I have committed to is the Winter Haven Parade the weekend of the 5th. But that's only on Friday night.
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I finnaly got around to editing the video I took of the Corbitt trip and will be uploading it to youtube tonight when I get home.
yeah? well...
funny you ask... been trying to upload since yesterday.. seems I have to shrink it down some more.
yeah? well...
Its is uploading to google video right now.

GoogleVideo for teh win!
Well, I got back from Ocala NF. We camped up in the NE section and hit a bunch of the trails, and cleared a few that looked like they haven't been driven on in years.

On a cool side note, I saw a couple of black bear cubs. I didn't see mama, but I wasn't looking to get mauled either. This is a first for me-seeing a bear in the wild. :grinpimp:
I saw one too once... just seconds before I ran it over. :shaking:

That memory is gonna haunt me forever.
1 - 5 of 33 Posts
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