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Death wobble and dynamic wheel balancing

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Put the 40s on a couple of days ago and about 2 days into the experience I got a death wobble from Hell. Could not figure it out. I retorqued everything just in case. Thought maybe the stock steering stabilizer had gone south.

I decided to try rebalancing the tires but this time with a dynamic balancing system. Bunch of ceramic beads... not very high tech but what the hell... I will give it a try.

Upon removing the WE beadlocks I found the problem. With all the snow and rain we have been having lately, water had found its way into the beadlock and frozen to ice. Maybe a bead of silicon is in order.

My point is that these machines seem to be very capable of producing the dreaded death wobble... This can be due to many variables (just do a search on JK Death Wobble... heck even stock machines report it), but at least you can eliminate the wheels as one of the responsible variables with dynamic wheel balancing. These little beads redistribute themselves automatically and can compensate for anything from ice to mud on your rims.

Hope this helps someone avoid the DW. My 3 kids were in the jeep when it happened and "Thank God" he was with me...

A real 10 on the sphincter factor.
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