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A group of us spent 3 days bouncing around the backcountry of Death Valley. This is the 3rd year in a row that we have done this memorial run for my father who passed away from lung cancer. He loved Death Valley and took me there for my first time in our old jeep when I was 2 years old and I have been hooked since. Visiting the park and surrounding areas at least once a year since 1989.
We were supposed to have 2 Cherokees and my 2 door JK but one of the Cherokees was having steering issues. Since he couldn't bring his Cherokee I made him drive a 4 door JKU instead. The first day we went up to the Chloride city and chloride cliff area. I am still amazed by the views into the Valley from Chloride cliff. The second day we went through Titus canyon. Although Titus is a very easy drive about half our group had never been through there before and it is worth seeing. On day 3 we went to Dante's view and then into Echo canyon. We explored the Inyo Mine and then took the amargosa cutoff up to the dry falls so we could put the Jeeps into 4lo for a little while.
All in all a great trip with great friends and family to honor the memory of my father who showed us this amazing valley.

Here is a video of the trip:
(I made my buddy drive my JK up the dry falls since he has never been there before)

This video is just from Echo canyon and the dry falls:
(I am not the one driving my JK, I forced my buddy to drive)
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