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How long have you been running those tires?

I can't help but have a suspicion that there is something else going on besides just tire size. As mentioned, going up in tire size will make your speedometer read low and it could make your shift points a bit different. But you are only running 34"-ish tires. I can't imagine it's enough to put the thing into limp mode.

Tire size doesn't change the gear ratio that the transmission sees. The rotations in will still match the expected rotations out. From what I can tell, that fault has to do with internal transmission ratios, nothing to do with tire size. I think it more likely indicates an issue with shifting (like a failing or sticking valve), slipping, or a torque converter issue.

I could be wrong. Maybe there is something strange going on in the computer and all you need to do is program in the correct tire size. But I have a feeling there is another issue at play here.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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