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Hi all. I currently have my wife's 2012 JK in the shop at the local Jeep dealership for a recurring issue. She will be driving down the road normally, the engine will "surge" (her words), and the check engine light will come on. For the following couple of minutes she says there is no power, she will put the pedal to the floor and have no acceleration. After a couple of minutes the power comes back, but the check engine light comes on, and stays on for the next 50 or so miles.

The last couple of times it happened I couldn't get my hands on a code reader in time to check it before the light went off, but this time I did and it read 'P0730 Incorrect Gear Ratio'. Took it to the dealer since we have an extended warranty, and after a week of sitting on their asses they finally called me and the service writer is trying to tell me that I need to modify the computer to match the tires that we have on there. I'm running 315/70/17 Ko2's, so basically a 34.5" tire. He is trying to say this is throwing off the computer and they can't set the tire size that large in the computer, and I need to get an aftermarket programmer to set the proper tire size.

This sounds to me like they don't know what is going on and are just taking a shot in the dark.... anybody have any experience with this?
Dealer is for the most part pointing you in the right direction. Get an AEV Procal or a tuner that has the tires size function and set your tires to the LOADED diameter at your street inflation pressure. Don't use the size marked on the tire, or in your case a guess at what actual size it is. The fault will clear itself.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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