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It's a day TJ/LJ owners thought would never come. Finally available for purchase the Trailgater for 1997-2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ/LJ!

DEAL OF THE WEEK:*https://jeep.rebeloffroad.com/product-p/tjljtrailgater.htm

Stop preparing your food in the dirt.*
When out on the trail, most of us Jeepers end up serving snacks and meals from the top of a cooler. Quite often, part of the meal ends up in the dirt. The Trailgater is designed to get both you and your food out of the dirt.

Whether you're serving trail snacks or preparing a full meal, the fold down Trailgater utility table can handle your needs. Its large working surface provides ample room for a camp stove and still have room to place cooking utensils, mixing bowls, plates, cups, containers and such.

The slide out cutting board enlarges the working surface when needed for cooking, chopping, mixing and preparing food.

The Trailgater is also a great working surface, field desk, or just a great place to keep your tools while in the middle of a repair.

1.8" of depth from the tailgate when stowed.
Stainless Steel hardware used throughout
The cutting bamboo board conveniently slides under the table and the assembly folds up and is held in place with two rattle free spring latch pins.
14 gauge (0.075") food-grade Stainless Steel, the backsplash is 0.120" Aluminum, both are CAD designed, laser cut, CNC bent, and deburred.
Max weight capacity is set at 40lbs.

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