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I've got a set of D44 4.10 gears front and rear taken off of my '07 Rubicon Unlimited. I've upgraded to 5.13's due to my increase in tire size.

These gears had 42,220 miles on them when pulled and are in pretty good shape. There are two tiny chips on the edge of the pinion teeth of one set though. (see pictures) The chips are not in a contact area as far as I can tell from the wear pattern and I was told by a technician friend that they won't hinder performance.

I'm asking $50 plus shipping for the pair.

I know my post count here is low and I'm a newbie on JKO, but I've been around on jeepforum for quite some time. My username there is tony673. I've got these listed there as well.

Located in Euclid, Ohio 44119

Thanks for looking! :)
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