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Cut off front Cross Member

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I'm surprised more aren't doing this:
who has cut off their front cross member? Actually....it is the front protection for the electronic swaybar disconnect.
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like you said, it isn't the actual cross member. I don't see how this offers ANY structrual support as the true cross member is a few inches back. It appears to be just a guard for the sway bar motor. May be also a crash bar as is required by some regulations but I don't see how it could work well for either of those situations either. People who have hit anything with it said it just crushed.

Anyway, I cut mine off. I was gonna cut it off at the frame but I decided to leave the brackets in case I ever want them for anything. I thought it would look funny at first but you really don't even notice them hanging down.

Here is the only pics I have online right now (not the best but, I am at work right now, Shhh...)

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Some aftermarket bumper mfgs use this bar to mount skid plates on. If I had cut this off my shrockorks skid would be wavin' in the breeze...
but if you wanted to remove the bar you probably don't have the disconnect motor so there would be no reason to use the skid anyway...:beer:

I actually removed the bar on my X model so I didn't have to have the skid on my Shrockworks bumper any longer
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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