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Discover what ultimate protection really means with Crawler Conceptz. Specializing in the development of the most sturdy and versatile products for off-roading, that could easily withstand years of abuse, they develop the best solutions to armor your Jeep and improve it's functionality. Their Ultra Series Full-Width Rear Bumper will securely shield the rear end of your Jeep, carefully wrapping up the vulnerable, exposed to damage corners of the bumper. Laser cut and meticulously put together to give you the highest quality level. The bumper will not interfere the larger wheels. Being CAD designed with all the specifications of your Jeep in mind, it is guaranteed to fit in place without any additional efforts. Simply mount it on your Jeep using hand tools and provided hardware. It ships in bare steel finish.

Crawler Conceptz® US-RB2-202 - Ultra Series II Full Width Raw Rear HD Bumper with Hitch and Tire Carrier at CARiD

Would you install it on your JK?

With Crawler Conceptz Rear Bumper your Jeep is always ready to rock. Find the full selection of products engineered by Crawler Conceptz at CARiD.
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