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2009 Jeep Wrangler 392 Hemi 1 Ton Rock Crawler also for the Sand Dunes. I purchased this vehicle in November of 2009. This Jeep is a Custom built jeep from Burnsville Offroad. I am the first registered owner on this vehicle. I recieved it from Burnville with less than 600 miles on it, in mint condition. The interior is still in great condition. I have used this vehicle for what it was built for, here locally in Yuma, Arizona. We have trails that are rated 1-4 some claim 5. This jeep has done everything out here with ease, with minimal scuffs and scratches, which are expected in these type of trails. It was driven lightly, very well taken care of. About the only things that I would add to this build, would be a total custom armor, underneath. The engine swap that they did is perfect, and the horsepower this engine has is incredible. It's nice to have more than enough, with this type of setup. Because of the type of lifts that they do, and the body armor, the center of gravity is incredible, you can side hill like you could would'nt believe. I never even got comfortable with the full potential, that the suspension actually has. Even with the 42 inch tires on, this turns excellent. It has a 3 inch lift. And just a note the Currie Rock Jock high pinion 60's ,are the cast iron not the aluminum. It has the Staun intreral bead-locks, one has a good slow leak. I would have to check it on the trail every two hours. On these links below, on the magazine it says 2007, that is a type-o.It is a 2009 not 2007. But everything else is correct. The links below will give you more information on this vehicle. There is also a small dent on upper back in the armor. The jeep has custom body armour around the back. There is a dent in the exaust and tranny pan, but not bad at all, there are no leaks. Rims, tires have rock rash. The tires are 80% tread. will post pictures of these. I am also going to try to load a video to give you an example of what this can do. Comes with a winter hood that will be seen in the video. And the summer hood is featured in the magazine. The riginal top that it comes with, is in perfect condition. Also in one of the magazine pictures, they show a green manifold cover, it did not come with the jeep, it was just for the photo shoot. The motor is a 6.4, and I was told the higher profile intake manifold had more performance, however it would not clear the cover which is why it did not come with it. This is a $92,723.00 build on top of a $24,858.00 jeep according to KBB totaling $117,573.00 Asking $80,000.00 or best offer. Down Below is the break down of all that is in this Jeep. Any questions please e-mail or call 928-580-0703 Jesse
Also will consider offers, If you have an offer e-mail or call 928-580-0703 Jesse

2009 Jeep Wrangler X Sport Utility 2D JK
Mileage: 4,500
Engine: V8, 6.4 Liter
Transmission: Automatic, 4-spd w/Overdrive Mopar 5-45 RFE
Drivetrain: 4WD
Traction Control * Hill Start Assist * Stability Control* Power Streeing*
Rear Seat* Tilt Wheel* AM/Fm Stereo* Dual Air Bags*ABS (4- Wheel)*
Air Conditioning* Cruise Control* MP3 (Multi Disc)* Premium Sound*
Navigation System*

$ 1,860.00 4- 14/42-17 Super Swamper IROK Tires
$ 940.00 4- 17x8.5 Pro Comp Rims
$ 720.00 4- Staun Beadlock Sysems
$ 470.00 1- Rear Currie Anti- Sway Bar
$ 400.00 1- Front Currie Anti-Sway Bar
$ 1,900.00 1- Currie 3.5 Short Arm Suspension lift Kit
$ 7,200.00 1- Front Currie High Pinion 60 Rock Jock w/ 5.38 Gears and Detroit Lockers
$ 3,300.00 1- Rear Currie High Pinion 60 Rock Jock w/ 5.38 Gears and Detroit Lockers
$ 336.00 4- Billstein Gas Shocks
$ 3,200.00 1- Atlas Transfer Case 5:1
$ 1,480.00 1- Warn 9.0 RC Wench
$ 650.00 1-Custom Back Bumper w/ reciever and Tail Lights
$ 550.00 1- Custom Built Front Bumper for Wench
$ 1,700.00 1 Set of Stretched Full Corner Guards w/ Steel Fenders (Flare) 6”
$ 600.00 1 Set of Front Flat Fenders (Flare) 6”
$ 650.00 1 Set of Custom Rock Sliders
$ 1,630.00 1- PSC Hydraulic Steering Assist
$ 1,000.00 1- AEV Heat Reduction Hood
$ 1,900.00 1 Pair of Half Doors OEM Steel & Uppers
$ 700.00 1 Front Tom Woods 1350 CV Drive Shaft
$ 700.00 1 Rear Tom Woods 1350 CV Drive Shaft
$31,886.00 Sub-total Parts Only

$35,000.00 Hemi Conversion * All Parts* Labor* Taxes
1- 6.4L 392 Stroker G3 Hemi Crate Engine
Mopar 5-45 RFE Transmission (Built)
Hemi Conversion Master Assembly Kit ( Radiator to Transmission)
$ 8,000.00 Suspension Lift Kit & Lift Modifications - All Labor & Supplies
$ 2,000.00 1- Roll Cage –All labor & Supplies
$ 6,000.00 Custom Body Armor Assembly / Installation of all parts listed above- All Labor & Supplies
$ 7,000.00 Paint and Body Work- All Labor & Supplies
$ 2,837.00 Taxes

$24,850.00 KBB on 09 JK Jeep Wrangler under suggested Retail Value w/ All Applicable Options

YouTube - Jessiejeepyuma

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