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Infectious Off-Road will be at Cougar Buttes this weekend to run some easy trails. Time permitting, we'll hit Hammer Down, Bullfrog, Cakewalk, Crazy 8, and On the Rocks.

Meetup near the Bullfrog trail-head between 11am and noon on Saturday.... wheel til Sunday afternoon.

Raise me on the radio when you get out there. VHF 151.880 or CB 4 (I will monitor the prior on the drive out, but the latter only once the heep is unloaded).

There will be others from the Rebel Chapter 4x4 club that are running with us that are planning on going in Friday night, so if you wanted to go earlier, you could wheel/hang with them Friday evening/Saturday morning. They are good folks and will be monitoring CB 4 as well (ask for Jess a.k.a. DZRTRAT).

Disclaimer: We plan on running as many trails as possible without too many hold ups. We don't mind spotting you and will never leave a man behind, but please come prepared. That means a functioning rig, experienced drivers, spare parts, tools, water.... you get the idea. We'd like to focus on wheeling, not babysitting. As these trails are fairly mild, rig requirements are as well... 33s and one locker at a minimum. Do not show up without proper recovery points and your own strap.
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