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It really depends on how "permanent" and how "presentable" of a surface you need.

As thedirtman indicated, epoxy will not hold up to abuse. Fire and impact will prevail always. I worked in a place that was "gentle" to their epoxy floor (large optics milling, grinding & polishing, all indoors, no sun exposure, definitely no fire or impact) and it crapped out at the 10 year mark. They tried polishing the 10 YO epoxy floor and it turned into a slippery shitmess (in an optics shop :eek: ) --> you wouldn't believe how quickly they got a crew in to grind and recoat 100,000 sq. ft. over a weekend :laughing2:.

Uncle Sams Misguided Child is spot-on in that you shouldn't even consider the latex floor coating. Hot tires can stick and lift sections off - that definitely won't happen with a good epoxy-coated floor. Not trying to scare you off the epoxy, just realize that polyester isn't "permanent". An epoxy floor looks killer, and you may get closer to 20 years than 10 with light use / no abuse.

If you're cool with the look, funfred's suggestion to stain, polish, and seal is the most durable.
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