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Hello everyone!

Today CARiD is here with new great feature that has been added to our website. From now on you would be able to find all technical characteristics of your make and model right on the pages of our site! These characteristics include engine, fuel, transmission, drivetrain, gear ratio, torque, maximum speed, weight, cab length, towing capacity and much more. Sometimes it is extremely important to know some specs of your vehicle in order to choose the right parts. You won't need to look for an owner's manual or search required info on the internet, as we collected them in a handy database at CARiD to make your shopping experience even more convenient!

Click on the banner below to view Jeep Wrangler Specs at CARiD:

We've just launched this feature and if you think, that some useful information is missing – please let us know and we will consider adding to existing table! Shopping with CARiD gets even more easier and convenient!
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