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Comment ASAP on the Monticello, Utah BLM RMP!!!

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Comment ASAP on the Monticello, Utah BLM RMP!!!


What: The Monticello BLM District is revising their Resource Management Plan (RMP), this plan will dictate the future of motorized recreation on nearly 2 million acres of BLM lands in the greater Monticello area, including epic areas such as the Arch Canyon Trail, Beef Basin, Hole in the Rock and the Lockhart Basin Trail. The Monticello BLM office has developed five alternatives, each with varying components such as the amount of trails it closes to motorized use. In some areas of the RMP, nearly 80% of the trails would be closed to motorized travel under an anti-motorized radical alternative. The U4WDA has spent countless hours reveiwing the RMP data in order to help YOU make a comment, don't let your voice and opinion go unheard!

When: Comments are due by February 8th, 2008. Thats just a couple days away!!!

Why: If we don't, existing access to countless historic trails could be lost, they are slated for closure under several alternatives of the new RMP. Additionally the BLM has determined portions of land having "Wilderness Characteristics", many of which are part of SUWA's Redrock Wilderness Act before Congress. We need to fight this here. Don't let them push this into the RMP. These areas could become "fake" Wilderness, despite the fact they currently have existing and open roads right through them. Access to these areas would be lost forever!

How can you help: Take 20-30 minutes of your time and follow these steps.

Step 1: Read through the BLM Monticello RMP Introduction here:

Step 2: Read through the U4WDA suggested "Talking Points" here:

Step 3: Write your comment! Include personal experiences in the area, future plans, but be sure to reference the talking points in Step 2. Be polite, descriptive, and most of all informed.

Your done!

Mail or email your comments here:

Bureau of Land Management
Monticello Field Office
RMP Comments
P.O. Box 7
Monticello, Utah 84535

[email protected]

Bureau of Land Management
Monticello Field Office
(435) 587-1518


Q: Where can I read more about the proposed alternatives and the Monticello RMP process?
A: Visit the Monticello BLM website: http://www.blm.gov/ut/st/en/fo/monticello/planning.html

Q: Why don't you just list the email address to submit comments?
A: Comments need to be substantive! Simple comments like, "please keep the roads open" or "I support OHV recreation" are worthless and will be discarded. Take a few minutes to read through the information provided, and then submit your own comments.

Q: Why don't we use an automated "letter writer" or an online form letter to submit comments?
A: Automatically generated comments & form letters are worthless! These comments are counted as ONE comment even if 10,000 people send in the email. The comments need to be personal, unique, and informed.

Q: Isn't this a little late notice?
A: Information about the RMP has been available for months all over the Internet, in U4 publications, and on numerous online forums. But it's not too late! Submit your comments today!


For more information & questions:
Feel free to contact me: Kurt Williams - [email protected]
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Now's the last day to comment on the RMP and let the BLM know your opinion! Get your comments in ASAP and help keep Utah lands open for all.
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