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These are made by Warrior Products, in the US. They are a velcro on fire extinguisher holder and hand grip combo, compatible with any rollbar or round tube up to 3". Works very well on factory JK rollbar diameter.

This fire extinguisher holder is the only one to feature its triple safety strap system. There are two loops that hold the body of the bottle in place, as well as a velcro neck strap that wraps around the neck of the fire extinguisher, so it cannot slide, as seen here.

For now, I went ahead and marked both these and the single hand grips for free shipping too!

Look for both items here

I had these on the back part of the rollbar in the JK that comes down into the back compartment. Made a great extra handle when trying to climb into a JK with a 4" lift and 37" tall tires.
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