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Colorado Beers April 18, 19th or 20th?

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I am going to be moving out the CO this summer, however I'm coming to Denver this weekend April 17th -21st to check out the area and would love to meet up and have a beer with some fellow JK'rs. I spoke with WTF and he would be down... Anyone that wants to meet up and show us noobs how you drink in Denver give me a shout!!!
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Yah, I am down Friday or Saturday night!

Like he said I am a Noob here as well so if any of you locals are down to show us where a good watering hole is that would be cool!

If not, I am sure we will find something. What day works best for you?


BTW, What part of town are you going to be staying in? I am out in Lakewood but I have no problem meeting wherever
Im free either day! Hopefully someone will chime in... Unless their not allowed to come out and play! Actually I am not sure where I am going to be staying.. I have a rental car but will have ask my friend where the house is... I know I will be near Cherry Creek Friday. Did you check out my KC light install?
I just took a look. Good job! Looks clean.

I went with the PIAA lights. I have a set of driving lights on the windshied and a set of the fogs on the bumper but I am thinkin I might switch out the fogs for something in a different beam.
Maybe everyrone is scared? Or people in Denver don't drink beer... We could do a brewery crawl!
are you going to be near cherry creek resivore? there is a place called emerald isle right by the resivore that has a huge deck that overlooks the lake, i have a buddy coming down this weekend but would probably be up for a :beer: or 6.
shoot alec w a pm he would probably be in
That would be cool! I will be near Cherry Creek and that sounds great! What days are good for you?
let me touch base with my buddy tommorow and i will post up, what does everyone else think? post up you lazy bastages!!!:thefinger:
I think WTF said Friday or Sat cause he has some mods to install sunday! :) Im free either night
Well, My locker was delivered but it does not look like the Riddlers will be here in time so I will probably be free for the weekend, still have the fingers crossed so we will see.

Like Eric said though, Friday night or Saturday anytime would be my preference but I am open if there is a day that more peeps can show up. I look forward to getting some :beer::beer::beer:'s with everyone!
I can probably make the emerald isle for a couple of hours on Saturday (late afternoon maybe). I have plans already for Friday.
Or people could come to Michigan this place is great! unless you like Tigers baseball... or live outside of Michigan.... or like being employeed..... or don't mind hearing the words fail and economic depression alot....

oohh and aaa hey um do any of you guys know how to be a Mayor?

But ya Michigan's great. Woot!
haha... Hey I'm going to the Avalanche game, so afternoon early evening would be great!! We decided on Friday or Sat???? What about Sat midday sometime? Like 5??
works for me, do we all agree on emerald isle around 5pm on saturday?
Is this the one? :beer: <--Click
you got it!
Cool, well if that time and day works for everybody then I will see you all there!
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