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So recently I purchased the Cobra CDR 830 dash cam in hope that it would meet my needs as a daily dash cam and a trail cam.

Manufacturers web site:

So out of the box it is designed to be plug and play set up is really simple if you can operate a standard GPS device you could operate this camera.

Cost: $154 shipped. Arrived in 2 days.

Perk: Out of the box ready to run
Camera comes on with ignition
Mount has GPS sensor mounted to it but it is removable for custom placement.
Camera is very small easy to hide.

Cons: Cobra tech support is far from great, they do not return calls and hold times are in the 1 hour range.
Cobra Dash Cam software for viewing on computer does not function as advertised (all I get is a blank). I will update on this later.

Would I recommend this camera? After getting the software to work properly I would say YES, it has exceeded my expectations, and has many great features.

So over all construction of the camera is of any typical digital camera you you get at you local department store.

(Some photos I was un-able to rotate bugs my OCD)


Everything that comes in the box.

Camera has a pretty good connection point.

Video footage was shot on a military base with private roads, off road trails are designed for off road vehicles, all trails/paths/road are being legally used in this video. Wind noise in the video was with windows down.

Video shot in 720P

Video shot in 1080P

Please feel free to comment negative or positive, your thoughts on the camera is not going to hurt my feelings. I hope this review helps someone in making a decision I will update when I have a little more use on the camera.

Temporary mounting location. When I have my overhead console rebuilt it will be integrated as part of it. GPS module is remove able for custom placement.
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