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Great pictures and great timing on a report. I am planning on running Carnage Canyon in the first week of July.
Any words of advice?

My set up is 4.5" lift JKU fully locked on 37's.
I have the same shocks as you do. Bilstein 7100.
Mine are the correct length for my set up.

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I have 5160s but close enough.

Bring a trailer if you can. You never know who wont make it.
Make sure your winch is in good working order.
Have basic tools.
Prepare for a long day - lots of water.
Small group will make it easier as the day will be long enough as is.
Make sure bump stops and limit straps are in place. That trail will flex you out.
Have FUN!!!
I will have all that with me. And always trailer my Jeep, just never know when you need it to get your shit home. I'll be a 1000 miles away from home.

All good advice! Every time we have been there, jeeps have carnage. Most frequently, axles, shocks, mounts, wheels and tires, body damage.

Bring some ratchet straps. They can be useful for holding an axle on (if a mount cracks) or for holding an axle housing to the frame to make the jeep easier to jack up should you have to pull an axle.
Good idea on the ratchet straps, I need to buy some thinner ones though. I have the think ones for towing and stuff. Last time we had to get someone of a trail with a rear broken axle shaft and the the thin ratchet straps came in handy strapping down the hi lift jack thingy...

Will always have tools spare axle parts, u-joints and plenty of liquid with me....

Thanks for the heads up.
Left Hand Rubi, how would you rate this trail compared to Die Trying? I walked Die Trying and was impressed with the technical difficulty. We'd have ran it, it it wasn't already 1PM in the afternoon and the last day in Colorado for us.
Die Trying is still on my bucket list.:gluging:

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Let us know the specifics of dates when you get closer. Might be able to come play.
I'm leaving Texas on June 29th and returning on July 6th.
Not sure how many of us are going, but it will be a select group.
We all trailer our Jeeps in. This year we are looking at the Buena Vista (BV) area and are still in the planning stages of our trip. Hence Carnage Canyon came up. But we might still move to other parts if we need to.
We like to run difficult trails, 8-9's. At the moment there will be 3 of us going.
CJ7 on tonnes and 42's, 2 door Jk on D60/9" rear on 37's with a RK 8" stretch, and myself.

I'm the weak link, but I make up for personality :)

We'd love to have you on the trails with us.
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